Schuljahr 2006/07


Eating Disorders:

Schuljahr 2006/07


We found out, that reasons for eating are addiction, depression, problems, frustration, boredom, habit and of course hunger, the main reason.
We are sure, that eating can help to overcome unpleasant feelings, because some kind of food are said to have ingredients, which make you feel happy and satisfied, when eated. We also think that there’s a connection between our stomach and our brain. So we came to the conclusion, that we maybe feel happy again, when our stomach is satisfied and sends impulses to our brain.
We are of the opinion, that the phrase “ What’s eating you” means all negative things, which harm your psychological health and weaken you. These things seem to “eat you”, because they become worse and worse. You can´t cope with certain things and so this things seem to eat you from the inside.


A diet or an ED?

Dieting ED´s
losing a little bit of weight in a healthy way. trying to make your whole life better through food and eating (or lack of).
doing something healthy for yourself. seeking approval and acceptance from everyone through negative attention.

losing a bit of weight and doing it healthfully.
how life won’t be good until a bit (or a lot) of weight is lost and there’s no concern for what kind of damage you do to yourself to get there.
losing some weight in a healthy way so how you feel on the outside will match how good you already feel on the inside. being convinced that your whole self-esteem is hinged on what your weigh and how you look.
attempting to control your weight a bit better. attempting to control your life and emotions through food/lack of food—and are a huge neon sign saying “look how out of control I really feel”.
losing some weight. everything going on in life –stress, coping, pain, anger, acceptance, validation, confusion, fear-cleverly (or not so cleverly) hidden behind phrases like “I’m just on a diet”.
short-term long-term
The most common element of all ED´s is the inherent presence of a low self-esteem.
ED´s are caused by a variety of emotional factors and influences and has profound effects on the people suffering and their loved ones.

The three mayor kinds of ED´s:

  • Anorexia Nervosa: Sufferers become obsessed with controling calories and so their weight. They starve themselves on purpose.
  • Bulimia Nervosa: Sufferers vomit, use laxatives or exercise to avoid puting on weight. They seem to eat normal, but then do this things secretly.
  • Binge Eating: Sufferers may consume huge amounts of food in a short time and then starve themselves. It’s a vicious circle.