Schuljahr 2011/12



Schuljahr 2011/12
If anybody asked me to say three words to describe our week in England these words would come to my mind: amazing, incredible and awesome! (Sarah)
Have you ever thought about spending one or two weeks abroad working on a project? I am sure you have and I know that you did not like the thought of sitting in an English school before lunch. Well, our class actually went on a language trip. We did not have any great expectations, but we were baffled when the trip turned out to be terrific. (Stefan R.)
My first time in England – I had big plans: I wanted to learn something about the English culture, eating habits, clothing style (which was part of my English project I did there) and of course upgrade my English speaking skills (Bozana)
After an exhausting travel day we finally arrived at Cambridge and right away started our little orientation walk. Cambridge appeared as a city, which is crowded by bikers and students, but there are many more things to do and to see like fascinating colleges and the famous university. Punting and a lot more things are worth a visit, too. The girls in my class definitely welcomed the shops in the centre, especially Primark and Topshop. I believe that there was no single day they did not go shopping. (Stefan R)
The time between [morning : class work, afternoon field work] we were allowed to do what we wanted to. To be honest, most of the time we spent shopping, in supermarkets or sitting in our favorite Starbucks. But we also did some sightseeing through beautiful Cambridge and got to know some mysterious and interesting facts about it, like a spooky window in a popular café, causing fire when it gets closed, or the greens in every college on which no non-student is allowed to step. (Maja)
If you ever visit Cambridge, do not forget to go punting on the river like we did! When you go down the river, you pass all the big parks and gardens of famous and rich colleges like Kings College. (Stefan R)
Best weather conditions for our London river cruise….
The presentations of our projects turned out to be a competition - who had done the best job? My best friend Babsi and I, we made it. As the winners we got a price, which was a really delicious cake – how nice! (Jana)
…carpets were everywhere – even in the bathroom!
.. the shops are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week , even at weekends! (Bianca)
I could never believe that British people love queues. But this time I saw it myself: We returned from London quite late and my classmates and I were really exhausted - so we wanted to get a cab to reach home as fast as possible. From far away I saw a huge cab coming along. It was perfect for us . I ran to catch it and didn’t realise that there was a long queue of people waiting for the exactly same thing like we were. The cab driver just gave me an angry look and all the others thought that we were crazy rude tourists who didn’t care about anyone else. But at least now I know how to behave when I see a queue in England !!!
During the whole week our bicycles were our best friends, even though I hated them sometimes. We used them in the morning to come to school, after class to get to the city, in the evenings and even in the middle of the night to return home - just everywhere and anytime. As hard as it was sometimes I must admit that it was an amazing experience and I think everyone who has been to Cambridge without renting a bike has missed a lot because it’s just a great feeling cycling in a huge group without gloves when it’s raining cats and dogs! (Sarah)
Nobody refused an interview and all people we talked to were extremely friendly. It does not matter where you go or what you want, they are always willing to help you. Words like “thank you”, “please”,”lovely”, “my lov”e and “cheers” are, compared to Austria , a fixed part of their vocabulary. (Barbara)
I’ve really learned a lot this week:
By always having to search for our house I learned how to be independent.
Because of the great amount of rain I learned how to deal with bad weather and by spending the whole week in Cambridge, I learned how to love British people. (Sarah)
To sum it up, we really enjoyed our trip, which we recommend everyone interested in English culture or simply broadening his horizon. We had a unique time with wonderful people. ( Stefan Reisinger)